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We all know how shitty this week has been, and here at BLM we want to extend our love and support to everyone who is scared about the future. Follow this link to Gold Flake Paint to see a list of labels and artists that will be donating proceeds to charities supportive of all those facing persecution in the US right now, and have a listen to our favourite tracks of the week whilst you buy up their stock:

Run The Jewels – 2100 feat. Boots

If RTJ were already one of music’s most outspoken duos of recent times, then after the awful events of this week, they are only going to become more important. Not as full of bravado as some of their bigger cuts, ‘2100’ feature’s the return of RTJ2 collaborator Boots, and therefore a softer, or contemplative side. We need musicians as clever and impassioned as Killer Mike and El-P now more than ever.

Slonk – We’re Both Going to Be Fine

You can wash songs with all the tight production you like, spend hours tinkering with the tiniest bit, but sometimes a simple outpour is far more effective. ‘We’re Both Going to Be Fine’ from Bristol’s Slonk grips you from the first sparse chord, and is a wonderfully honest, beautiful, heart-on-sleeve break-up song. It’s unpolished and raw, but all the better for it.

Tamu Massif – Rare Candy

One man singer/songwriter/producer/guitar player/button pusher Tamu Massif is back with the perfect song to usher winter in with. The icy samples and his melancholic voice combine with his hollow guitar tones to create something touching and calming.

Los Campesinos! – I Broke Up In Amarante

There is no band in the world that gets my heart pumping like Los Campesinos!, and after what seems like longest break ever, they are back, and back with a thoroughly Los Campesinos! song. All the troupes are there: pumping punk guitars, an angsty chorus, a football reference. It’s a welcome return for one of the greatest bands of all time (don’t argue with me).

Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

Let’s be honest here; Childish Gambino is not the most consistent rapper. Like, I know you love him in Community and there were good tracks on Because the Internet but c’mon. He is very corny. ‘Me and Your Mama’ is right up there with of him best releases though, a hip-gyrating, funk monstrosity that finds him giving his most impassioned, impressive vocal yet, with no rapping at all. It’s huge live orchestration means it drops nicely somewhere between Kendrick and Tyler the Creator’s most recent offerings.

Virgin Kids – Be Your Friend

Even without the Wes Anderson style video, Virgin Kids are onto a winner with ‘Be Your Friend’. It’s lo-fi garage jangle is fun and charming, and will lodge itself in your head.

Hajk – Magazine

‘Magazine’ is the kind of layered, shifting pop song that it is easy to get lost in. Muted guitars and soft synths weave around each other, building a lush, shifting bed of wonder for the soft vocals to spring from.

Forth Wanderers – Know Better

Forth Wanderers seem to have hit on a winning formula of well crafted, lo-fi, slightly twee pop songs. So much in fact, the Lorde is one of their fans, and to be honest it’s easy to see why. ‘Know Better’ is off the band’s first EP, and really you should go give the whole thing a listen straight away.

ThisIsDA – Over

ThisIsDA’s 21 & Done was easily one of the most expansive and engrossing rap records of the year, and so with the future looking bright for the Bristol artist, he’s released so beautiful new visuals for opening track ‘Over’. If you haven’t already listened to the track, then it is imperative you do so right now.

Chaouche – My Friend

It’s very rare you are able to hear so much space in a song. Like, actually hear the gaps. But ‘My Friend’ sounds like it was recorded in the Royal Albert Hall; the space is vast, the gaps in between Chaouche’s beautiful voice take on a life of their own. It’s dramatic, borders on operatic, and breathtaking.

Have a look next week for more top tracks.