Due to heading out unprepared this weekend, I now have sunburn. For this reason I will be spending all week inside, in a dark room to make sure my pathetically pale skin is not damaged any further. Below are the songs that I will be playing on an endless loop to make me feel better, and whether you stay inside or not, I’d advise you to do the same. Listen below:

Honeymoons – Los Angeles

As first introductions go, the shimmering and summery ‘Los Angeles’ is the best Honeymoons could have given. The song’s light, relaxing guitar, coupled with the soaring vocals make the song perfect listening to on a warm and bright day. If you’re a fan of band’s like Whitney or Fake Laugh, you need to be keeping an eye on Honeymoons.

Ulrika Spacek – Full of Men

Another hypnotising, enticing mix of psych and motorik beats from Berlin-founded, London-based Ulrika Spacek. The chiming guitars weave around each other, shining and dancing whilst the drums and bass keep a steady, interlocked rhythm. The track slowly blossoms, becoming more and more urgent as it builds. A sharp effort from the band.

(Sandy) Alex G – Proud

Continuing with the cleaner, country-infused sound that has been presented on his last new song, ‘Proud’ is another exercise that displays Alex G’s (now ‘(Sandy) Alex G’ btw) songwriting talent. A energetic skiffle, the song features some beautiful vocal harmonies and is wonderfully warm and catchy.

Big Thief – Mythological Beauty

Bristol Live Magazine contributor Ross Jones had this to say about the new track:

Masterpiece, the magnificent debut record from Brooklyn’s Big Thief, arrived last May – stealing our hearts and guiding our minds like an incomprehensible spirit for our consciences. For as minimal and timid as it appeared, it left a momentous mark on our year, not so much demanding our attention but simply falling into our laps like a gift we didn’t think we deserved. As if an identical occurrence, the group have surprised us with the announcement of another new record, Capacity arriving this July – and on the evidence of new single ‘Mythological Beauty’, their second record will have just as much of an effect on us as the first, if not more.

‘Mythological Beauty’ seemingly blossoms from within the closeness of personal family ties, ensuring the very essence of their being remains in the beautiful compassion of Adrianne Lenker. On first impressions, the subtle progression the group have made is a perfectly fitting one, immersing themselves within more spacious environments – the track filled with a dynamic, bolder perspective.

Milo’s Planes – Fidget in Paralysis

Over their past two albums, Bristol’s Milo’s Planes have re-crafted bits of post-punk, hardcore and even dub into their own image, throwing some general raucousness into the mix for good measure. This new track, the first from new album Individual Development Plan, is less a fidget, more a full on fit. Clocking in at 1.21 mins, the song is a fun-as-hell punk punch, condensing the band’s sound down into a tiny bite. It’s a cathartic palate cleanser, and bursts the doors to the new album wide open.

Palehound – Flowing Over

It barely feels like any time has passed since Palehound released debut album Dry Food, but new music from the Boston-based group is welcomed with open arms. ‘Flowing Over’ is the first single off new album A Place I’ll Always Go. The fuzzy, mind-blowing riffs are still present, but the songs fuller and denser production allows vocalist Ellen Kempner to explore and expand her song-writing talents.

Meadowlark – Postcards

‘Postcards’ was released on the same day that Bristol duo Meadowlark announced their debut album of the same name and for those who haven’t listened to the band before, the song is the perfect thing to get you excited for the new record. Fragile, calming and absorbing, ‘Postcards’ finds singer Kate McGill lamenting over acoustic backing ‘Seven years of being clean, I gave you up like nicotine’. An exciting look into how the pair’s debut will sound.

Frank Ocean – Biking feat. Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator

Despite have two big hitting names, ‘Biking’ is most definitely still cut from the Blonde cloth. Cut into several parts, Frank’s section finds him skipping over the acoustic guitar-led instrumentation like a less haywire Young Thug. Lo-fi synths build lush layers in the background whilst a pulsating beat gives the track a sense of urgency. Jay Z’s verse, stilted and cut up, serves as an introduction, whilst Tyler delivers a fairly unremarkable verse in his infamous deep vocal.

The I.L.Y’s – Gargoyle / Bobo

Ok so yes, technically this is two separate songs, but I’m sure you’ll agree after watching the video, that there was absolutely no way I was going to split them up. Part 60’s pop, part glitching electronica, both tracks are seemingly familiar and unsettling. ‘Gargoyle’ is definitely the tamer of the pair, whilst ‘Bobo’ features Zach Hill’s signature heavy drum tones under a thick, sludgy guitar riff, the whole thing coming together like a demented Beck song.

Harry Styles – Sign of the Times

I mean basically, this is good right? Yes there are flaws – it kind of trundles along at one pace and the lyrics are ridiculously vague – but all in all, this is pretty good. No one was expecting ex-One Directioner Harry Styles to put out piano led ballad that stretched over five minutes as his big comeback single, and his vocal passion, the slow building brilliance and subtle hook definitely shows that Styles has a little more in his locker than we all expected. What his next move is will be interesting, but for now, get wrapped up in ‘Sign of the Times’

Come back next week where we can’t guarantee there won’t be more solo cuts from ex-boy band members