Jon Kean


Gigs of the Week // 30th May-5th June

Pip Blom
This week heralds June. Will it be ablaze or awash? May yours be joyful. Some of these Gigs of the Week will shepherd you in the direction of happiness.

The Downs // Festival Preview

One more chance to don your superhero costume before you check the whereabouts of your woolies and wellies. Jon Kean previews The Downs Festival.

Gigs of the Week // 23rd-29th May

Get your shorts out - the weekend festivals have arrived. Much indoor and outdoor fun to be had, as you can see by our latest Gigs of the Week.

Steve Lamacq // Preview

"It’s a chance to hear an down-to-earth bloke talking about out-of-this-world encounters." Jon Kean looks forward to the visit of Steve Lamacq to Exchange.

Gigs of the Week // 16th-22nd May

This week's Gigs of the Week is massively front-loaded with irresistible shows, the clashes carrying on into next week. Good choosing between them.

Gigs of the Week // 9th-15th May

Somewhere around this time of the week, I do like to contemplate just how many gigs I can manage to fit into the next seven days.

Gigs of the Week // 2nd-8th May

Bank Holiday? Yes please! Live music? Why not! Gigs of the Week? Don't mind if I do.

Gigs of the Week // 25th April-1st May

Bristol's music scene may not quite be the full extent of the known world, but wouldn't the world be better if it was? Enjoy this week's Gigs of the Week.

Gigs of the Week // 18th-24th April

Pet Shimmers
Goes and it goes and it goes, goes and it goes and it goes - the music in Bristol, that is. Hope there's something for you in this week's Gigs of the Week.

Gigs of the Week // 11th-17th April

Gigs of the Week
You'll spot a couple of unconventional options in here too, just to make life that little more rich and varied. It's Gigs of the Week time. Have a good one.