Factotum – ‘Knifegun’ | Album Review


Why change a winning formula? Factotum haven’t. Their debut album ‘Knife Gun’ is unashamedly rough and ready, and in the true fashion of their fellow ‘Stolen Body’ riot-punks; this Bristol pair are doing all in their might to expand an already neatly-gouged scene of noise.

Jagged guitars form the essential body of these ten bold tracks, while sleep-deprived vocals retain an air of drunken mayhem. Despite a clear state of recklessness, an informed archive of influences has been subtly called upon. The opening notes of ‘Wurlitzer’ linger like a Pink Floyd number, before delving head-first into the style of a certain US duo, noted for elephants and red things.

This is twenty minutes of well-considered garage, excitedly spewed out at odd frequencies. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’ll never sound out of place with a pint down at the Stag & Hounds.

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