PRS for Music are heading to Bristol tonight (September 7) to host ‘How To: Understand The Music Business’ – an event that will offer insight into what it means to be in the music biz.

There will be two panels – the first, ‘How To: Understand The Music Business’, will see chats between Daniel Jones (PRS for Music & Moderator), Paul Gray (Musicians Union), Kirsty Booth (Music Publishers Association) and Javeon (Songwriter/Artist). The panel will aim to help attendees understand the way the music industry works and how to make it work better for you.

The second panel, ‘Achieving Equality: Breaking Down the Barriers of Stereotypes’, will see Laura Lewis-Paul (Saffron Records), Tanya Lacey (Singer/Songwriter), Tony Briscoe (Producer/Songwriter/Mentor), Maxie Gedge (PRS Foundation/Gravy Records/Musician), Claire Rose (PRS for Music) and Andy Ellis (Moderator) talk about the challenges faced within the music industry.

The first panel kicks off at 6:45pm and with the chance to network towards the end of the evening, it’s a great chance to learn some vital music industry insights while making a few connections of your own.

You can register for the free event here and in the meantime, check out Javeon’s classic hit ‘Lovesong’ below.