The Broken Bones Gentlemen’s Club ‘III’ | EP Review


Number three in the BBGC trilogy comes in hard and fast with short, but certainly not sweet, opening track ‘Eat Sh*t’ — come on, did you really think it’d be sweet with a name like that?. Twenty-five seconds of blast-beats and pig-squeals pave the way for another EP of balls-out, unapologetic punk rock. From the single-string riffage of the aptly (and comically) titled ‘Riff Clithard’, to the rare half-speed breakdown of ‘The Burden of Being Awesome’, each track delivers thrashy, ever-changing guitar-work like unrelenting jabs to the face. With an average song length of one minute, this four-track finishes as abruptly as it started and I’m left wanting more. Bring on volume four.

Stream the EP right here.