Towns – ‘Young At Heart’ | Single Review


Shoegaze-coated guitar popsters Towns could well be our most written about band to date. Working harder than communist beavers these last two years, we can look forward to a flurry of new material in 2014 – kicked off by this stonking single.

Commencing in a squall of guitars and ooh-ing, ‘Young At Heart’ sets a relentless pace which it maintains from start to finish. 60s is certainly the name of the game, but a healthy dose of fuzz-bass soon cuts through the treacle and ramps things into snapping modernity.

“You make me so young at heart”, beams frontman James MacLucas as we rattle into a chorus. In the context of early track ‘Fields’, we may even have a bittersweet fascination with for youth on our hands; all rather Lennon-esque.

Towns profess that they craft ‘proper’ pop music. We’d be inclined to agree.

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