Waxahatchee ‘Ivy Tripp’ | Album Review


There’s a timeless universality that permeates the thirteen tracks present on Waxahatchee’s third album ‘Ivy Tripp’. It’s an album of self-conscious reflection bound to resonate with the twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-somethings of the world — and counting. A newfound confidence in drifting, as Crutchfield herself remarks: ‘Ivy Tripp is a gas’; expansive, boundless, unsettled.

However, accompanied by Kyle Gilbride and Keith Spencer, the album takes on a slightly more volatile air. Whether it’s the fast-paced, guitar-driven, Americana-twinged tracks, ‘Under A Rock’ and ‘The Dirt’, or the Casiotone drum patterns present on ‘La Loose’, ‘Ivy Tripp’ certainly isn’t aimless in its execution.

Check out ‘Under A Rock’ right here: