Since their 2011 arrival, Gorgeous Bully have come to be something of a household name amongst the DIY community. After over a year away, involving creating and a personnel reshuffle, they return this month with a new release on Breakfast Records: Closure. We caught up with the man behind the project, Thomas Crang, ahead of the launch of the album’s lead single in Bristol this month.

Naturally, Thomas is dead excited to get the ball rolling again. “It feels really good. It feels like we haven’t done anything for ages, so we’re going to try and play some more shows again, adjust a bit and then get back out there. I’m pretty stoked to be honest.” Kicking things off in Bristol feels like a natural move for the band. He says, “It seems like the right thing to do; we’ve played down there quite a bit and obviously we’ve done quite a lot with Art Is Hard as well, so we’ve got a lot of friends there. I’m also from the South West originally, so it all makes sense.”

“It’s important to work with people that are going to match your effort, especially on a DIY scale.”

The decision to work with more recently-founded local force, Breakfast Records, has been good to see. Thomas says, “I knew they’d worked with our friends, Something Anorak, and I was just shopping around really. We wanted someone who was on the same wavelength as us. It was definitely down to the beautiful Internet, really.” It seems they’ve succeeded in finding someone who shared their vision: “It’s cool to work with people who just really like the record and want to go for it. With Breakfast, you can see they’re putting their heart into it.” He continues, “It’s important to work with people that are going to match your effort, especially on a DIY scale. Obviously it’s all about working together in a big group and Breakfast definitely have that vibe about them, they really support their artists.”

The material heard on the new album had actually been bubbling away for quite some time. “Half of it was written before I released the last album,” says Thomas. “I recorded four of the tunes and thought it wasn’t going anywhere. Then I started revisiting them again and began building it up. I just did it on my own again and made it when I was unemployed; that meant it was dead cheap. It’s still kind of a lo-if record, but it’s a lot more garage rock than my previous stuff.”

“I want to get stuck in again.”

It’s clear that, after almost a decade at it, change is a part of life. This has done nothing to dampen spirits, however. “We’ve got a new bass player and drummer,” Thom enthuses. “We’ve had a few different line-ups, really. With the last one we just grew apart; I moved to North Manchester, we didn’t play shows and we stopped hanging out. It naturally felt like it was time to move on.” It was a classic case of life getting in the way: “We’re all getting to that age in our twenties when we’re starting to work more and you can’t do too much. Also, once you do it for a while a lot of people lose the buzz for it. I did for a bit, but after a year and a half out I want to get stuck in again.”

Are they here to stay this time? Thomas shares, “I’ve already started writing for the one beyond this. I’m going to get a studio for the next one to get the sound up. I want to move away from the lo-fi sound and get better recordings. I don’t know yet; I’ll keep making shit, you know? Keep playing more shows and just doing it.”

Join Gorgeous Bully and Breakfast Records in celebrating the band’s long-awaited return at the White Rabbit, 4th August.