Punk is like Marmite: you love it or you hate it. Defining the genre in 2017 is tricky too. Purists would swear by The Ramones and Sex Pistols, while others consider bands like Wire and Fugazi to be the core frontrunners. Others prefer the likes of Joe and Harry Sherrin, who make up half of Bristol’s rather prolific Milo’s Planes.

“I think I started listening to lots of post-punk stuff when I was 17 or 18,” frontman Joe says of their influences, explaining how their dad’s record shelf acted as a gateway into their formation. But punk wasn’t all the shelf had to offer. “Boyzone is definitely a rite of passage” he says, laughing. The band have even been known to play a cover of the Boyzone classic ‘Love Me for A Reason’, though for now evidence only exists on a few lucky iPhones.

Milo’s Planes released their second album Delivering Business Success last year via Howling Owl, with the LP showcasing a passionate set of effervescent lo-fi tracks. They didn’t shy away from the visual side either, with a wild video for ‘Ghost’, directed by James Hankins and featuring a rowdy boat gig with plenty of goo. Joe explains in a little more detail, “The goo actually expired in 1999. We’ve brought it back! And we’ve got black gunge in a new video. It’s a gunge revival.” Harry grimaces, adding “You can’t get rid of it either, it is sticky stuff. It’s like the most bizarre texture.”


Gunge-chat aside, the band’s third album Individual Development Plan is fast approaching, with the album launch gig taking place at the lesser-tread White Rabbit in Clifton. The band had to change venues last minute with Joe explaining that they were initially double booked. “There was miscommunication with the venue, they thought we meant the day after.” Despite the confusion, the brothers are just excited to be able to play together. “We’re very rarely all around at the same time,” Joe explains. “It’s more exciting when we actually get to play as a band. It keeps the songs more interesting.”

Speaking of what we can expect from the new album, Harry says, “We wrote the songs a bit more as a band this time, it’s a little more dynamic. We spent a bit longer layering it up.” Describing it as “heavier”, Joe was intent on improving what the band had already achieved with their last two albums. “I went a bit overkill on the overdubs.” he says, laughing. “So less of that. Now we’ve used more amps during the live takes so it sounds bigger.”

As the brothers talk of their recording process, it’s clear that the time they spend in the studio is extensive, demonstrating a solid work ethic that seeps into the finished product. “We’ll wait until we’ve got a bulk of songs and then record them all,” Joe explains. “Then we’ll decide what’s for the album and what’s for the EP. That makes us look a lot more productive than we are.” While Delivering Business Success hung around for a year before being released Joe adds that “the songs are still fresh.”

With Harry studying at university in Manchester, bassist Charlie Horne living in Falmouth, and drummer Sam Green residing in Brighton, you wonder how Milo’s Planes keep up their productive stream and group chemistry. However you need only listen to the solid new LP to see that the band’s scattered geography is taken completely in their stride; Milo’s Planes prove punk to be the strongest bond of all.

Individual Development Plan is released via Gravy Train Recordings on 12th May. Watch the video for ‘Ghost’ below.