Issue #72 | January 2018

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Time moves relentlessly on.

This magazine usually tends to live in the present, collecting together reviews, live shows and interviews that are current and topical. This issue, however, is different – focussing entirely on what is to come, and what has come before.

Yes, via that grand pseudo-philosophical introduction, I would like to introduce to you the first Bristol Live Magazine of 2018, an edition which looks back on our favourite releases of the last year, but also forward to the acts that we reckon will get you excited about the year ahead.

As New Music Editor, this is an issue I’m particularly proud of, and I’ve done my best to provide a selection of artists that represent both Bristol and the world beyond. At the bare minimum, I hope it’s a more entertaining start to the new year than Jools Holland. Enjoy!

Christian Northwood
New Music Editor