Each month we’ll bring you three of the freshest acts to catch our ears. Headed by New Music Editor Christian Northwood, check out what’s been spinning on the Bristol Live Magazine stereo for the month of June.


Chaouche seemed to come from nowhere, with a fully-formed sound and perfectly-written atmospheric pop songs, as demonstrated on first single ‘I’ll Lose My Head’. However she didn’t come from nowhere, Chaouche comes from Bristol, and right now, she is the city’s most exciting new act. Both tracks so far have been released via Late Night Tales’ artist imprint Night Time Stories, with more coming in the next year. If the new material is anything like what we’ve heard so far, we should get ready for lush, atmospheric pop, rooted in piano and made great by Chaouche’s goosebump-inducing vocal and slick production.

The Swansea-born musician said the overarching theme is healing: “Collectively my songs contribute to a greater understanding of particular issues I found overbearing and traumatising as a child and young adult. Each song is dedicated to a memory or experience that has come from a negative source and that’s ultimately been turned into a strength.” Chaouche’s destiny lies outside Bristol, because with a sound this stratospheric, the whole world deserves to hear her. Check out ‘My Friend’ below.


The Dolce Vita

Music that is straight to the point can often be too simple, reductive and quickly lose its interest. Streamlining a sound into a slick, lean, pop-machine is not easy, but London five-piece The Dolce Vita more than pull it off. Their tight, lean sound grabs influences from XTC, 60s pop and a little bit of John Lydon, twists them all up and spits them out in a way that’s more fun than you could ever imagine. The Dolce Vita are the perfect band for strutting around with your sunnies on, beer in hand, soaking up some rays. Check out ‘Outside’ below.



If you like breezy, shimmering indie-guitar pop then look no further than Honeymoons. The three-piece rose from the ashes of a breakup, and have so far released two mesmerising tracks. The first, ‘Los Angeles’, juxtaposes easygoing guitars with a pining, lovelorn vocal, while latest single ‘Banff’ slowly creeps up on you with its lush melodies and slacker-pop sensibilities. The band describe their music as “sadly uplifting dream pop” and, to be honest, there’s no greater description than that. If you like the easy-going charm of acts like Mac Demarco or Fake Laugh, then Honeymoons are right up your street. Check out ‘Banff’ below.