Indigo Earth

Indigo Earth

The soul of music can be a furrowing task to uncover, the vital breath that inspissates a band’s actuality. Soul-ravenous and philosophically-fucked we wanted to know what made Indigo Earth, the band behind the delectable notions of mystic-grunge, warming pop-bled-folk from the smokey capital. We could pack them a lunch, send them to join a cult-soul search until their essences are red raw with interrogation but instead we saved them from brain-contusion and filled them with suds and ale until their souls fell to the pavements a midst kebabs and breakfast’s Sunny D. What were, what are Indigo Earth’s souls? Their inspirations.

Securely-snug sat around a street-lit bench, Indigo Earth were fresh from the stage. With more words for coherence, with precision we’ve picked out a few stringed sentences for your informative pleasure.

An ambit of inspirations fall into the jigsaw to who Indigo Earth are: from co-frontman Ben’s idee fixe with Nick Cave to key’s doyen Jess’ love for System of a Down; there’s no open-mouths as to why their music is so laboriously hard to label.

Amy: With all our inspirations forced together- it could get messy, yes, but I think we know how to organise it now. We haven’t been together long but I think it’s our respect for each other’s tastes and how we’ve carefully put it together which has made it what it is. Our set so far is what me and Ben wrote together before the band, I’m hoping we can get more collaborative in the future- see where it goes.

Jess: I think our eclectic inspirations definitely make better music. It would be boring otherwise, there’s a great vibe being brought to the table at the moment and it’s exciting.

Amy: I think there is a danger, bands can sound too much like the next, solely depending on their inspirations- we try not to. We use our personal lives more than anything. We try not to be overridden by one sound; but if we had to choose a specific band that we draw a lot of inspiration from it would be Midlake.

Praising the free-flowing Jaegermister I think we can sincerely thank the dirty, dirty black juice for the second half of our conversation. Steaming past the umms and arrs of inspirations, “I rate Gary Newman, I respec’ Florence and the Machine…” Indigo Earth really dug deep. Here’s some more meaningful compassions and inspirations they laid bare.

Ben: We’re inspired by dreams, sometimes I find them to be happier than reality. My life experiences are generally darker, my experiences have made me more aware of the positive things found in dreams.

You could say we’re a serialist band. Generally I try to take inspiration from dreams, but I don’t wake up first thing in the morning and write down everything that happened in them. Sometimes I’ll imagine a character and write about them. Being the outside persona and wondering what will happen…

My best friend, at one point in my life, he was the only one I could really rely on- I wrote this song from a moment where I saw him from a bus window, blurry, eyes reflected in the glass. I think it’s both reality and dreams which inspire our songwriting.

Amy: Not tying ourselves down to inspiration means are music can evolve- it’s already a bit of a mishmash but we’re hoping to write a lot more, see where that takes us. If we had to flip it, we’d want to inspire people who were in dark places to get out of them, see there’s something better. By Erin Kubicki.

Want to get out of that dark box your in? Or just want to listen to their intrigue-bled, ridiculousy catchy tracks? Find them in every nook of the web:

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