There was no eureka moment when deciding to start Leisure Records. Like all good ideas, our baby was born out of boredom and beer. I guess Leeches, our first release, had a hand in it too. It was after hearing their demos that my growing itch to do something creative finally found its outlet. “I’m starting a label, I can release it,” I lied. This lie continued to fall out after a few pints until after about a month, I thought it best to, you know, start a label.

After pinching the name from an XTC song (no shame), I knew that my next best course of action would be to drag the most organised person I know into proceedings. It helps that my label wife Alex Hill is probably more passionate about music than me, designs amazing posters and artwork, and is a very nice person, but also he makes a good spreadsheet. And if I’ve learnt anything so far, it’s that a spreadsheet is a powerful tool.

Piecing together the release of Leeches’ Strange Bonds EP has been a lengthy, and often frustrating experience. From start to finish it took about 6 months. At times it felt like it’d never happen (like when bassist Jack ran the artwork through the washing machine), or that people wouldn’t care when it did. But hearing how excited people have been to listen to the songs has been rewarding; it feels great that the creativity of our friends has been recognised.

It doesn’t even really feel like we’ve started ‘a label’; that makes it sound like we have a plan and an accountant and copyright and stuff. We just want to try to get more people to listen to artists that we think are great. Whatever happens, it’s definitely cured our boredom.

The nascent Leisure Records’ first release, Leeches’ Strange Bonds EP, is out now on cassette and download. Head here for more details. Check out a stream of the EP below.