Photo: Rich Imagery

Towers create the kind of music that can’t really be pinned down, which may have something to do with the fact that Jay Parker, Chloe Bell, Jess Waller and Nathan Searle have been making music together since the age of 14. Growing and reinventing themselves throughout the years, influences ranging from Daughter to Foals.

“[This] surprisingly benefits us when writing,” explains Jay. “There are always such a broad and dynamic ideas being formed which enables us to go anywhere with it.” Having been together since the start of their teenage years, their gradual experiences have allowed them to test the water, while still trusting whatever comes out.

The transient attitude to genre pigeonholing is, in part, down to the incredibly diverse Bristol music scene. “There are so many great bands here at such a high standard that it pushes us to strive to work harder to keep up,” Jess explains. “There’s always someone new and amazing on the horizon and it’s great to discover new music and feel constantly inspired, so we never become complacent.”

But that’s not all they have to thank Bristol for. They took the band’s first steps under the supportive wing of Remix, Bristol’s youth organisation aiming to help young bands develop and start a career in the music industry. Remix was “there from day one”, with Chloe citing it as the reason they “formed as a band in the first place!”

Seemingly on hiatus, they’ve in fact been busy perfecting their live show, with a single launch at Start The Bus coming up on 1st October. Nathan divulges some details: “What we want to achieve is simply the best night for those who want to come and party with us. There may be a few little surprises here and there but we don’t want to give too much away; come for great music, alcoholic beverages and lots of fun!”

Towers play Start the Bus on 1st October.